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Robert Pante

is your mind

Philosophy of the A.L.C.A

Life Works! 

Mission Statement: To prepare highly skilled professionally trained Advanced Life Coaches in the core strengths and competencies needed to achieve powerful results in people's lives. Equipping each client with a “statistical edge” in social and professional environments is our goal.

Navigating life smoothly and staying consistent with one's highest visions and expectations can be very challenging. Whether it is dealing with the highs (ups) or the lows (downs), it is of utmost importance to avoid the unnecessary calamities that await us during difficult or confusing mental/emotional times.


The broad comprehensive base of life is dominated by: Sex, Money, Power and the pursuit of Well-being/Spirit. Human life becomes difficult due to people's vagueness and lack of comprehensive understanding on how these dynamics of life affect humans. This results in a "battleground" in the mind. These afflictions of the mind melt away as these catalysts (sex, money, power, well-being/spirit) of human existence are analyzed, comprehended and owned.

When the "Creative Force", which is dynamic, is awakened, we human beings naturally become prosperous, happy and fulfilled. This is not an exaggeration; It is the simple truth. The Advanced Life Coaching Academy syllabus gives a proportionate amount of study to these dynamic catalysts. 

Within each of us is the most valuable gift to assist and support others in realizing their full self-expression and our ability to accomplish and succeed. We, at the Advanced Life Coaching Academy partner with our clients to be aware of and to get to know the most valuable human treasure within them-- “Their Internal Compass”.

The “internal compass” is the most productive informer, giver and provider, of wisdom that lies within each of us. It is always available and when surfaced will bring forth clarity, certainty and clear direction. It is only then that we are on track to achieve greatly.

The acknowledging of the INTUITIVE, IMAGINATIVE, INSIGHTFUL AND INTELLIGENT capacities that lie within us are the gifts towards achieving personal strength and power. It is when the vastness of our human CAPACITIES are realized that constructive and productive results are achieved. Only then is a person operating with all their spark plugs. When we combine these innate powers with our personal skills and talents, there is nothing in this world that can stop a person's forwarding motion!

We teach that the greatest results are produced when the human mind is placed within the "heart space"!


Why place your mind in your heart? It's a noble practice! The heart is the dwelling place of calm, soundness and is entrenched with deep peace and love. Deluded and troubled minds find refuge there.

Steadfastness is found in the heart; everlasting happiness resides there. The heart is constantly restoring the mind; it is the sole haven of perpetual delight. The steady flow of caring love that stills the mind is in abundance within the heart!

We, at the Advanced Life Coaching Academy, are committed and determined to assist and support each woman and man in their quest to achieve their highest, truest visions for themselves. Our purpose as Coaches, Consultants and Mentors is the promoting and achievement of human POSSIBILITIES. To us, the “DYNAMIC PRINCIPLE” of life is to achieve and succeed by supporting each human being. We truly see and experience each person as a “living human treasure” and as such they deserve to achieve the very best that is available to them.


Our clients are treasures that we honor. The “character” traits of each of our certified coaches have been fine honed and strengthened throughout the training processes.

Questions such as:

  • “Is your mind your friend or your enemy?”
  • “Is your 'vitality' equal to that of the universe?”
  • “Is your life truly about 'sporting in bliss?' "
  • "Do you run the sex, money and power in your life, or does it run you?"
  • "Are you willing to lose your fear of life and living?"
  • “Are you able and willing to be 'light about life' and attain a stillness of mind?"

These are the questions, prime tenets, of our highly specialized humanistic training. By the way, we make a point of training and certifying people who bring with them a vast array of individual personality traits, temperaments, dispositions and achievements accomplished during their successful, productive lives!

Life can answer these preceding questions in such a profound way that the potency, joy and happiness of an individual can and will be realized during his or her lifetime. Vitality and personal dynamism of our Coaches assures our Clients that they have received “Positive, Potent Transforming Coaching Sessions”. Empowering individuals with the knowledge and wisdom they came for and more, is our trademark. We do everything we can to provide our clients with a “Statistical Edge” in all their life endeavors and pursuits-- utilizing everything they learned in the present and the future.

Developing a holistic-integrated system to serve humanity, Robert has realized his mission and purpose-- to empower and inspire business and social success in the minds and hearts of people worldwide.”



“Robert is very honest. A lot of people don’t realize the mistakes that they are making when they go out to buy clothes. You have to know what looks good on you.”

— Oprah Winfrey


“A communication genius! When Robert speaks people listen, and take action!”

— Robert Kiyosaki,

Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad


“Robert is on the money. Direct, clear, and convincing.”

— Suze Orman,

Financial Guru


“In seminars, Robert Pante doesn’t transform people — he gets them to transform themselves. In a burst of inspiration, he produces lasting improvements in people’s self-esteem”

— Hugh Downs,

former co-host of ABC's 20/20


" Mention Robert Panté's name, and even among his peers it's the same reaction: A skyward glance, a slow shake of the head and something to the effect of: He is amazing! Well Respected!"

— Wendy Tan,

CEO at Globe Success Learning


"A masterful mover of audiences. Compelling! Exciting! Highly Moving Presentation!"

— Richard and Vernonica Tan,

Success Resources Company


"Priceless lessons on 'how to for business success'. Effectively potent! "

— Janet Spangler and Simon Fenley,



"Robert's always on the mark. He always says it like it is. Robert mesmerizes!"

Maureen McDonough, Joe Teipel and Jade Young,

Life Masters 


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