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Robert Pante


                                    Who's afraid to speak?

                            Why would you be fearful?

                           Audiences want you to win!

                      Be the kind of speaker, leader, you 

              would want to listen to, follow, and emulate!

Advanced Communication & Speaking Skills are a must in professional and social life! This course addresses the most sought after and required, complex communication skills that are sure to capture your listeners. Advanced techniques of communication are a way to consciously speak with power, authority and believability. 

Advanced Communication Skills and methods bring forth residual benefits

  • You will examine the techniques of effective and heartfelt speaking, from conception to completion. 
  • This highly proven and successful program will highlight how and what you must do to ensure that communication ambiguity is avoided.
  • You will also be taken through speaking and listening studies as the day progresses. 
  • The impact of the quality and effectiveness of your speaking potency will be greatly increased. 
  • Each participant is given an opportunity to show their talents and skills!

The best communicators in the world are known for their ability to connect one-on-one, and with large and small groups of people. Bringing intimacy and enthusiasm to a room, and delivering messages that are purposeful and create intended results will be mastered. The pleasure one receives from Authentic, Heart-felt Interaction is life-generating! Mundane Communication is replaced by Vibrant, Vital and Potent Interaction

 THE ART OF "SPEECH"-ING is the kind of statements you make about yourself, interests and your world 

Featured Topics

  • Effective speaking skills and techniques (Speaking effectively to groups, teams and individuals)
  • Improving the sound of your voice, "Do you like the sound of your voice?"
  • Informational, motivational and transformational speaking techniques 
  • Incorporating humor, soulfulness and enthusiastic energy
  • Understanding, developing, and overcoming speaking fears
  • Developing "presence" and "authority"
  • How to captivate, enroll and move your listener(s) to action
  • How to capitalize on your intelligence, insights and skills
  • How to develop a sure, convincing speaking style and personality
  • Speaking dynamics are systematically analyzed
  • Connecting and creating meaningful relationships
  • Appreciating the art of sharing ideas, emotions, insights and information
  • Developing an outgoing, personable and fun-filled persona
The object and subject of Communication and the Personality of the Speaker is taken into full consideration. The disposition, individual temperaments, skill attainments and personal strengths and power are examined.

This course is designed for people who speak professionally to groups and individuals. This is ideal for those whose careers are dependent on creating an IMPACT when presenting to groups of all sizes: in meetings, symposiums, and conventions. Perfect, logical progression of communication skills that are dynamic, potent, and meaningful, will be developed during this course. 

          Show Your many Faces and Voices to the World! 


Robert Pantéhas addressed and delivered over 2000 plus public speaking engagements. He defines Advanced Speaking and Communication Skills simply as:

         "The Art of Influencing, Including and Moving your Listener".

"Listening is the  purposeful and intentional recreation of another's intention." This acknowledges the dignity and importance of another. Robert addresses the impact of interaction and the valuable results that will be produced. 

Robert's experiences as a highly sought after and dynamic speaker have earned him the right and authority to present talks/lectures/seminars and workshops in a most effective, informative and "moving" fashion. He says "True Communication moves and energizes an audience to take action!" To move and inspire and to create results in the minds, hearts and bodies of each audience member is paramount. He encourages participants to play full out. Business and Social Communication is intended to inform, inspire and include others in your game plan.

  • Enlarge your experience of life whenever you have an opportunity to speak!

Recall the emotions and feelings of the most potent moments in your life. They were wonderful and they made a definite impact in your life! Imagine, if you could feel that way when delivering a talk, lecture or group discussion! The "All Inclusive" training and preparation that Robert's students and participants achieve, equips them with the power and professionalism that exemplifies a competent, intelligent leader. Participants become more confident, relaxed and proficient in the art of public speaking, intelligent and heartfelt one-on-one communication

  • Know and Understand yourself as a Communicator!

Advanced Communication and Speaking skills equip participants to make dynamic, genuine, impactful talks. Robert's playful, genuine and congenial manner positions him in the "top rung of national and international speakers". He has delivered messages with the world's most prominent, skillful, presenters. 

In this Advanced Course, growth-minded participants meet to expand, grow and challenge themselves as they support each other in achieving and attaining speaking excellence. 

During this course Robert explores:

What Annoys People About Your Speaking Style:

  • The Volumizer: Talks too loudly
  • The Meanderer: Doesn't know how to make a point

  • The Irritator: Speaks in screechy, nasal or shrill voice

  • The Immature Voice: Speaks in the vernacular of someone non-professional

  • The Poser: Adopts an unnatural tone of authority

  • The Seducer: Too controlling; too provocative, too demanding

  • The Crutcher: Fills sentences with "ums" ,"you know" and "ers" 

  • The Whisperer: Speaks in breathy tones, too soft to hear

  • The Monotone: Speaks in a flat voice, reflecting emotional withdrawal etc. 

  • The Imitator: Speaks with no authenticity or authority

  • The Incongruent: Looks, speaks and acts with no believability

  • The Non-confident: Hesitancy in making strong statements and ideas

  • The Downer: Bores, insults and irritates the listener

  • The Provocateur: Causes trouble and dissension 


What Pleases People About Your Speaking Manner:

  • Leading: Speaking with Power and Authority!
  • Grounded: Positive Intention and knowledge
  • Easily Heard: No effort to hear, effective volume
  • Warm: Inviting and respectful
  • Meaningful: Something of value to say
  • Intelligent: Sounding smart and experienced
  • Upbeat: Earnest and enthusiastic
  • Natural: Easy to listen to, convincing 
  • Distinctive: Authentic, pleasantly different
  • Aligned: Consistency in words, appearance and topics
  • Charismatic: Heart meets heart
  • Clear Intention: Purposeful and controlling communication
  • Honest: Not Lying or exaggerating
  • Earnest: Believable, sincere and  trustworthy
  • Good Listener: Considerate, attentive and respectful

Learn to be Compelling, Captivating and Thought-Provoking!

Handling the essentials of powerful speaking, Robert touches something "Deep and Meaningful within our Soul". He knows it is essential to restore the juice (rasa) and dynamism to live a life filled with fervor and enthusiasm.  He is flawless and yes, music to listen to. Naturally humorous, playful and provocative, he encourages his audiences to  participate fully.


A Question: When you talk to someone on the phone who has never met you, within the first 30 seconds of hearing your voice, has the other person formed a positive mental image of you? What does that imply? It means that the sound of your voice and your intention have a direct relationship to the size of your income... and if they want to do further business with you! 

Developing Authentic Presence!

Hearing/ Listening:

To truly listen and hear what another person is attempting to say and communicate to you, it is necessary to "Turn off your already ready listening". Being Critical, Playing the Right/Wrong game with how you experience others; Finding Faults in another's communication are the first steps in honestly and sincerely hearing and listening to another. Constructive Analysis of one's listening intention is concentrated upon and improved daily. Proactive Speaking and Committed Listening are encouraged and gradually mastered. 

Specific helpful and constructive analysis and suggestions are given to each participant. 


  • This course evolves at a gradient level as audience participants progress and take on the lessons presented. 
  • Each Participant is given the opportunity to Stand, Speak and Deliver! 
  • Simply, Robert Panté defines POWERFUL SPEAKING as the ability to control, inspire, enroll and supply the energy and enthusiasm to forge ahead. One's desire to improve and advance as an acknowledged speaker is addressed.  
  • The ability to have an upper hand and to exercise confidence in one's circumstances and environments gives one "A Statistical Edge" in all endeavors where communication is essential. 


Communication Power is an energy that creates not only material abundance but an inner conviction that no one can usurp your position or take advantage of you. 

  • Self-Mastery: Mastering Communication skills is mastering your own emotions and intentions. Possessing a "statistical edge" is taught in this course.

  • Action: Acknowledging your weaknesses and strengths,by reclaiming your persuasive communication potential.

  • Challenges: Eliminating victimization, wallowing, undervaluing self and intimidation. Clarity is lost in the denial of power. End naivete and achieve the results you want through authoritative professional speaking and communication!

Robert believes in "Telling it like it is" by giving Constructive Feedback that is Concrete, Specific, Objective and Positive.This empowers participants to definitely make a difference in their communication and speaking styles. 


FEES: To be determined based on One-On-One Phone Conversation.(number of hours, location, number of participants and special needs). Lectures/Demonstrations/Seminars will be designed for client's particular needs and requests. Professional Communication Certifications and Consulting Training are also offered.

For inquiries about this seminar or any of Robert Panté's other services, please: 

Followed by a direct phone conversation with Robert Panté



“Robert is very honest. A lot of people don’t realize the mistakes that they are making when they go out to buy clothes. You have to know what looks good on you.”

— Oprah Winfrey


“A communication genius! When Robert speaks people listen, and take action!”

— Robert Kiyosaki,

Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad


“Robert is on the money. Direct, clear, and convincing.”

— Suze Orman,

Financial Guru


“In seminars, Robert Pante doesn’t transform people — he gets them to transform themselves. In a burst of inspiration, he produces lasting improvements in people’s self-esteem”

— Hugh Downs,

former co-host of ABC's 20/20


" Mention Robert Panté's name, and even among his peers it's the same reaction: A skyward glance, a slow shake of the head and something to the effect of: He is amazing! Well Respected!"

— Wendy Tan,

CEO at Globe Success Learning


"A masterful mover of audiences. Compelling! Exciting! Highly Moving Presentation!"

— Richard and Vernonica Tan,

Success Resources Company


"Priceless lessons on 'how to for business success'. Effectively potent! "

— Janet Spangler and Simon Fenley,



"Robert's always on the mark. He always says it like it is. Robert mesmerizes!"

— Maureen McDonough, Joe Teipel and Jade Young,

Life Masters 


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