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Robert Pante
"If someone were to ask me, what is the one indispensable book for powerful Image Projection & Mindset , I would answer, Image Builds Business: How Powerful People Recognize Each Other. YOUR PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL, APPROPRIATE FASHION-EXPRESSION WILL BE ACCEPTED-- AS LONG AS YOU 'FIT IN'".
"Likewise, If someone were to ask me, what is the one paramount book for expanding a person's inner consciousness and self-realization from the Mundane to the Extraordinary-- I would recommend, 
7 Billion Gods: Human Options, Godly Possibilities." This book encourages and transforms the aspirant who desires the experience of his/her oneness with the Creative Process.
May these books yield to you a great harvest:

Book Title: “IMAGE BUILDS BUSINESS -How Powerful People Recognize Each Other"

Summary: A “book-portfolio” for men and women that captures the essence and flat-out truth about dressing for Business and Social interactions. REMEMBER: YOU ARE IN THE PUBLIC EYE!



Introduction: The Mindset for Acquiring an Efficient Business Image

Chapter One: Arenas of Professional Participation

  • Dressing to Win Strategies

Chapter Two: Dressing for World-Class Business

Chapter Three: Today's Corporate Images

  • Dichotomy Prevails

Chapter Four: Evening Business-Related Socializing

  • A “smoother/sophisticated look”

Chapter Five: Dress-Down Fridays (Casual Weekday Attire)

  • For many a five day reality!

Chapter Six: The Traveling Professional

  • Travel with Ease, Comfort and Clout

Chapter Seven: Women and Men Possess Natural And Powerful Traits

  • Identifying your individual dressing style

  • Women: Chic, elegant, glamorous, spicy

  • Men: Distinguished and Elegant, Casual Down-Home, Sharp and Hunky, Ethereal and Artistic

Chapter Eight: Essentials To Building A Wardrobe

  • The Power of Owning Just The Right Outfits



How Powerful People Recognize Each Other

  • The Mindset Of Success

  • What is Power?

  • The Power Mindset

  • Mastery

  • 55 Key Qualities Of Powerful People

  • The Powers That Empower

  • Powerful Leadership

  • Sources Of Power

  • Future Perfect  


"Sharp, witty and on the dot!"
I studied Image Consulting with 
Robert Panté  last year and he helped me break through many personal barriers I had put up towards more success. He is not interested in putting up with your ego. He is committed to help you gain results in your life. Changing my image has helped me personally gain tremendous self-confidence and it shows in how my colleagues, clients and friends now see me! He comes highly recommended!"

-Cherish Chee (Malaysia)


"Applause, Applause: 
Robert Panté !
Being in the Impression Management business for 19 years, Robert Panté stands out in my mind as the one person who escalated my career success many years ago with his outspoken, direct comments on break-through, world-class image strategies. Simply the best!"

-Gloria Starr (Florida)

Colorful! Timely! New and Fresh! 
I had the great pleasure and privilege to work with Robert Panté  from 1980's onwards! He is absolutely committed to his clients. I have witnessed amazing results in peoples lives! I highly recommend this book for all those who want to learn from a master. He is delightful! 

-Abra Edelman  (California)

7 billion

Book Title: “7 BILLION GODS- Human Options, Godly Possibilities”

Summary: This book is designed and intended to provide the reader with a steady,constant awareness of the unity of the Individual self and the Universal Self. One who experiences unity with the Creative Force becomes worthy of receiving all the powers and glories of the Ultra-Consciousness referred to as God.

In the here and now, this realization of oneness with the divine principle is the most powerful state we can achieve as humans. It lasts forever!



My Journey To The Spirit


To The Point!

  • How A Human Becomes God Is The Greatest Mystery Of Life

  • To Know God, You Have To Become God



  • The Theory of Allowing

  • Opening The Door To Your Heart


The Seven Pillars

  • Pillar One:    Know You Are God

  • Pillar Two:    Accelerate The Process With A Spiritual Master- Teacher/Guide/Guru

  • Pillar Three:  Follow Your Bliss

  • Pillar Four:    Pursue & Practice-A Spiritual Path

  • Pillar Five:     Eliminate Barriers And Erroneous Beliefs

  • Pillar Six:      Service To Humanity

  • Pillar Seven:  Keep The Journey Light (Sporting in Bliss)


Read On And Reap!


Commentary and Summary 


Connecting & Completing



"Its a blast of spirit! A fresh light has dawned! A heartfelt truth!"

-Ash Jose (India)

"The depth and soul that brought light into my heart! This book is filled with pleasures and revelations!"

- Kathryn Sunantha (Nepal) 

"Finally! A rare conscious book on how to live and be in partnership with my soul! I know what dwells withinme is the greatest friend I have!"

- Janet Spangler (Washington)

“Humans Are God if Joy Flows From Them To Heaven!”




“Robert is very honest. A lot of people don’t realize the mistakes that they are making when they go out to buy clothes. You have to know what looks good on you.”

— Oprah Winfrey


“A communication genius! When Robert speaks people listen, and take action!”

— Robert Kiyosaki,

Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad


“Robert is on the money. Direct, clear, and convincing.”

— Suze Orman,

Financial Guru


“In seminars, Robert Pante doesn’t transform people — he gets them to transform themselves. In a burst of inspiration, he produces lasting improvements in people’s self-esteem”

— Hugh Downs,

former co-host of ABC's 20/20


" Mention Robert Panté's name, and even among his peers it's the same reaction: A skyward glance, a slow shake of the head and something to the effect of: He is amazing! Well Respected!"

— Wendy Tan,

CEO at Globe Success Learning


"A masterful mover of audiences. Compelling! Exciting! Highly Moving Presentation!"

— Richard and Vernonica Tan,

Success Resources Company


"Priceless lessons on 'how to for business success'. Effectively potent! "

— Janet Spangler and Simon Fenley,



"Robert's always on the mark. He always says it like it is. Robert mesmerizes!"

— Maureen McDonough, Joe Teipel and Jade Young,

Life Masters 


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