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Robert Pante


             ADVANCED LIFE

      Image Communication Mindset


Advanced Life Coaching (A.L.C.A) is the state of the art training for present and new practitioners of coaching and consulting. It lifts the bar, to broader, deeper and more advanced coaching procedures and processesThe fervor, enthusiasm and full immersion in coaching is ignited and ongoing!

> Advanced training in Image, Communication and Mindset Skills and Competencies

> Group Training Classes that lead to THREE CERTIFICATIONS:


> Individual Advanced Coaching (One-on-One) for both current Certified Coaches and New Practitioners

> Expands and Elaborates deeper knowledge, understanding and updated Coaching Processes and Techniques

> CERTAINTY! We instill and develop certainty in the minds of coaches and clients.

Advanced, Cutting-edge Training and Standards Provided at the Most Feasible Fees! 




A.L.C.A. is committed to bringing you and your clients "real lasting results in your Coaching Practice". We, at A.L.C.A. are committed to removing and dissolving all uncertainty, confusion, lack of motivation and replacing them with alacrity and forwarding motion.

 Simply, adhering to the tenets of “Personal Transformation”, together coach and client create and encourage clarity, strength and persistence of vision that brings forth personal authenticity, wealth, pleasure and achievement. It is also a powerful way of "Studying and observing" yourself and how you respond to others and situations. A great time to "Search Inside Yourself". 

We "embrace" transformation. It is a pillar of our work which gives added vitality and vigor to life. It is complete and fully rewarding in itself. It encourages the advancement and expansion of the human accomplishment. The snares of human worldly existence are dissolved and replaced with alacrity and forwarding motion.


Surety and Confidence

There are definitely too many women/men who just don't know how to physically and emotionally compose themselves. 

THE LOOK : that conveys believability and acceptance... How to fit in and retain their individuality

THE SPEAK: that is convincing, inviting, heartfelt and conducive to relationship building

THE THINK: that imparts emotional certainty and strength of character

Basically, empowering and strengthening the Body, Mind and Heart. 

These brilliant treasures that men and women possess definitely augment the skills, talents and intelligence of those seeking to achieve in business, social situations and meaningful environments. We active, creative humans are often in the "PUBLIC EYE". Let us work SIDE-by-SIDE.


AN INVITATION to candidates who are seeking a major breakthrough in their professional and social life are encouraged to participate in this training: to be certified or to attend as a welcomed participant. Ideal candidates are those of you who know they are meant to provide visual impact, verbal authority and emotional and psychological clarity to others. 

Forwarding momentum and creating innovative possibilities are the crux of this exceptional education!



We continually value and invest in our clients' needs, desires and requirements. We utilize and teach the most Advanced Coaching tools and techniques that earn industry leading recognition and social acuity. 

We are unique in our approach-- because we value diverse temperaments, individual life experiences and deeply earned contributions of each coaching, consulting and mentoring aspirant. The words competency, integrity, and resolve are the pillars and characteristics of our coaching practice. Our highly trained coaches and trainers "know that they know that they know". And they highly respect and appreciate the mentor and mentee insights and process.


We have discovered and come to the realization over many years of working directly with thousands of clients that the key to alleviate and rid clients' of the underlying causes of their challenges: upsets, issues, fears and hindrances lie in the "essential distortion" of who and what a person is-- at their core. Through the intelligent and intuitive "re-wiring" of the mind's operating patterns that bring forth disturbances in a person's life, the melting down and dissolving of old core beliefs and misunderstandings, a person is set free in the present and future. By bringing self-realization and imparting the power of self-knowledge a person is strengthened to move forward with their life.    


Acknowledgment, appreciation and respect are the strong characteristics that exemplify our skilled graduates. Our "Professionalism" is more that just a word for us- it's a proven history.

Our in-depth training delves into the richness and viability of each candidate and what they can contribute. We honestly value the inherent intellect, insight and intuitive nature of human beings and usher it forth. Enhancement and enrichment of obvious and latent potential is our specialty.

Potential coaches are definitely coachable, well trained, competent and devoted to a higher vision- SERVICE! They are tremendously generous of themselves.”


A.L.C.A. welcomes the heightened ability and life learned skills that only savvy, successful people have attained and achieved during their highly PRODUCTIVE & SUCCESSFUL LIVES in the areas of







 This Is What He Has To Say... 

Why choose A.L.C.A?
  • It's beyond the norm of what other Coaching programs offer-- It's a comprehensive package that combines and encourages the potency of three major disciplines: Image, Communication and Mindset-- 360 degrees of Coaching Strategies that offer world-class knowledge for today's comprehensive requirements. It's a lifting of the bar of achievement and competency. A.L.C.A. offers an extremely thorough and complete curriculum!

  • It encompasses the art and science of further developing a candidate's ability to more totally expand and be in tune with their Intuitive, Insightful, Imaginative and Intellectual leaningsHeightened People Skills are developed!

  • We collaboratively identify the concerns: issues, upsets, and problematic life situations of our participants. The snares in life that inhibit, slow down, or prevent human beings from progressing and moving forward and realizing their goals, intentions and heightened visions is the core of our work.

  • It’s a support system with one goal in mind: Improving people's quality of life by resolving any and all impediments to realizing their goals, desires and grand possibilities. This is Authentic Transformation and skill development that replaces the limited, mundane curriculum of other programs of this nature!

  • Image, Communication and Mindset development are pivotal to achieve lasting and impactful success! Presentation Power!!!

  • An Advanced Life Coach intuitively and spontaneously knows how best to expand the coaching process. By "integrating" the unique skills of Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring, our Coaches stand out in the world of premier service.

  • A Life Coach is not a psychiatrist/therapist. Primarily, life coaches assist and improve a person's personal and or professional life by offering support and encouragement while suggesting new ways to achieve goals. Partnering with our Clients is how we get the job done!

  • We encourage that the Wisdom, Compassion and Emotional Intelligence of each certified coach is passed on.


No one can truly be masterful at Coaching until he or she themselves are totally coachable! 

This is a paramount requirement and principle behind the ADVANCED LIFE COACHING TRAINING. An ADVANCED LIFE COACH has an intense willingness to grow and achieve. Ideally, he or she possesses a substantial amount of success, worldly experiences and knowledge that has been earned through a rich amount of successful dealings in the process of life. 


         Course of Study & Curriculum at the A.L.C.A

 I.        Introduction, Philosophy, Competency, Mission, Purpose and Promise 

 II.       Insights into the Soul of Coaching

 III.      In-depth understanding and great appreciation for Image, Communication and Mindset

 IV.      Platform and Basis for the Work at A.L.C.A

 V.       Accredited Coach Training Program (A.C.T.P.) Requirements

 VI.     Advanced Life Coaching Academy (A.L.C.A.) Certifications

 VII.    The Content and Context of a Human Being

 VIII.   Inside the Human Mind & Access to the Boundless Mind

 IX.     Basic Core Competencies and Proficiency 

 X.      Coach-Client Interactions and Pillars of Coaching 

 XI.     The Advanced Coaching Process & Mechanics of Coaching

 XII.    Finer Points of Image, Communication and Mindset Mastery

 XIII.   Extraordinary Characteristics of Master Life Coaches

 XIV.    Disciplines: Applying Positive Affirmative Behaviors

 XV.     Foundations that Govern and Support the Mastery of Life Coaching

 XVI.    Profound Mental and Emotional Concepts (Rational and Reactive mind)

 XVII.   Specialized Training for Building a Successful Practice -Attracting and Retaining Clients            

 XVIII.  Required Reading List and Supplemental Materials


 He Makes A Great Case Filled With Breakthroughs...


This Life Coaching Program identifies and develops the core skills and competencies required by other established coaching organizations. It is a technique that reaches beyond the "mundane" to the extraordinary--Tediousness to Lightness of Being. At the Academy a profound “Ground of Being” and “State of Mind” is renewed and discovered. "Sporting in Bliss", "Developing Stillness of Mind" and a personal experience of one's "Highest Self" is the foundation of our work—the rational, reactive and boundless activities of the mind are analyzed.

The ADVANCED LIFE COACHING ACADEMY stands out in its fullness and richness: It trains exceptionally accomplished people who have lived successfully! We define success in life as the continued expansion of happiness, and the progressive realization of worthy goals. Success is the ability to fulfill your desires with effortless ease, including the creation of wealth. It has been considered to be a process that requires working smartly with unwavering concentration and focus on one's ultimate goals and achievements. 

A.L.C.A. is a hands-on, one-on-one, and group interactional program. Its intention is to bring forth Authenticity, Intuition, Intelligence and heighten the learning process. Client Resolution, Achievement and Empowerment are the core and essence of this profound work. A.L.CA artfully unites extraordinary people for exceptional results!




“Robert is very honest. A lot of people don’t realize the mistakes that they are making when they go out to buy clothes. You have to know what looks good on you.”

— Oprah Winfrey


“A communication genius! When Robert speaks people listen, and take action!”

— Robert Kiyosaki,

Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad


“Robert is on the money. Direct, clear, and convincing.”

— Suze Orman,

Financial Guru


“In seminars, Robert Pante doesn’t transform people — he gets them to transform themselves. In a burst of inspiration, he produces lasting improvements in people’s self-esteem”

— Hugh Downs,

former co-host of ABC's 20/20

wendy tan

" Mention Robert Panté's name, and even among his peers it's the same reaction: A skyward glance, a slow shake of the head and something to the effect of: He is amazing! Well Respected!"

— Wendy Tan,

Marketing Director,

Esplanade (Singapore)


"A masterful mover of audiences. Compelling! Exciting! Highly Moving Presentation!"

— Richard and Vernonica Tan,

Success Resources Company


"Priceless lessons on 'how to for business success'. Effectively potent! "

— Janet Spangler and Simon Fenley, 



"Robert's always on the mark. He always says it like it is. Robert mesmerizes!"

 Maureen McDonough, Joe Teipel and Jade Young,

Life Masters 


Copyright ©2004 Robert Panté Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.