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Robert Pante

          Robert Panté     


              "When  Robert Panté speaks people listen... "

“ Robert Panté is electric, compelling and contagious. His sweet spot is his playful nature. The steel core that holds his character and powerful training material together is the personal peace and equanimity that engulfs his presence! His skills and knowledge can be measured with a progressive pulse.”- Maureen Mc Donough (Author)

Robert Panté has conducted over 2000 keynotes, seminars and workshops. He is kindhearted, playful and entertaining — holding back nothing — for the sake of empowering others. Always enthusiastic, inspired, and cheerful, his accessible style of speaking resonates with a sense of mission recognizable to all. The areas of Image, Communication and Mindset are his expertise. 

He has appeared on numerous occasions on Oprah, Good Morning America, AM Australia and many other national and international programs! His interviews have been featured in popular magazines like CosmopolitanSuccess, In-flight magazines and a vast variety of news media coverage. Robert lives and works in the United States, Canada and Asia.

 Please watch Robert Panté in action in his outstanding TV appearances!  CLICK HERE! 

Why Companies and Audiences want Robert Panté? 


Robert is the recipient of the Image Counsel International’s Award of Excellence. He has been the International training director for Aramis, an Estee Lauder Corporation. He has been acknowledged in "Who's Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges".  He has authored the best-selling books:  Dressing to Win: How to Have More Money, Romance and Power; Image Builds Business: How Powerful People Recognize Each Other; Seven Billion Gods Human Options Godly Possibilities ; Quotes of Robert PantéThe Courage to be.

Robert has developed and formulated a holistic - integrated system to serve and empower humanity . He has realized the privilege to inspire business and social success in the minds and hearts of people worldwide. 


Thousands of people who have been fortunate to work closely, One-On-One, in Large Seminars and Specialized Symposiums with Mr. Robert, refer to him as an incredible TRAINER, insightful VISIONARY and brilliant INTUIT. He was born to COACH, CONSULT & MENTOR! 

Robert Panté , who excels in "Personal-Branding-Coaching" in the areas of Image, Communication and Mindset, often repeats in his seminars and one-on-one coaching sessions this most memorable instruction:"What we give our energies,love and gratefulness to we will never be without in our lives. Remarkably so many people live in a state of mediocrity-unknowingly surrounding themselves with the belief that average- is acceptable. Too many people disadvantage themselves by living in a state of terminal mundaneness. Look at all the things around you that signify to others your being "ordinary". So many things keep people stuck and unable to expand their "limit" that they have resigned themselves to. Having what you really value and enjoy demands that you remove all those elements,people and concepts that flood your reality- only keeping you stuck in mundaneness.

Why not encompass yourself with vibrant extraordinary people who see greatness in you and asks that you incorporate their successful traits within yourself. "So many supporters, best friends and coaches love sharing with you their insights that will bring forth greater success to you".

"Robert Panté is a 10, a champion! If you are so lucky to get him on your team, you are fortunate indeed. He knows how to win and at the same time keep his principles: Integrity and Core Values. He is a genius at taking your people much further and deeper into developing their authentic soul and a personal force that can help them manifest their dreams into reality. 

Without hesitation or any reservations, I recommend strongly that you retain Robert as an Advisor, Trainer or Professional Speaker. Your people, clients and associates will truly love him. His speeches, presentations and seminars will make and indelible impression with lasting impact as Robert Panté carries you and your team towards your goals. With his passion, spirit and truth, it will be a most memorable experience for all of you!" 

- Ko Hayashi, CEO Chandler Partners International Ltd
  • Robert Panté is the premier trainer in Image, Communication and Mindset. 
  • He is the Image Consultants' Consultant and the Hero for Million Dollar Aspirants!
  • Robert Panté is a raging fire to dry the ocean of Presentation insensitivity!

"The 'Dynamic Principle' of life is available to all who seek it."
- Robert Panté




“Robert is very honest. A lot of people don’t realize the mistakes that they are making when they go out to buy clothes. You have to know what looks good on you.”

— Oprah Winfrey


“A communication genius! When Robert speaks people listen, and take action!”

— Robert Kiyosaki,

Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad


“Robert is on the money. Direct, clear, and convincing.”

— Suze Orman,

Financial Guru

  hugh downs

“In seminars, Robert Pante doesn’t transform people — he gets them to transform themselves. In a burst of inspiration, he produces lasting improvements in people’s self-esteem”

— Hugh Downs,

former co-host of ABC's 20/20

 wendy tan

" Mention Robert Panté's name, and even among his peers it's the same reaction: A skyward glance, a slow shake of the head and something to the effect of: He is amazing! Well Respected!"

— Wendy Tan,

CEO at Globe Success Learning

 richard tan

"A masterful mover of audiences. Compelling! Exciting! Highly Moving Presentation!"

— Richard and Vernonica Tan,

Success Resources Company


"Priceless lessons on 'how to for business success'. Effectively potent! "

— Janet Spangler and Simon Fenley,



"Robert's always on the mark. He always says it like it is. Robert mesmerizes!"

 Maureen McDonough, Joe Teipel and Jade Young,

Life Masters 

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